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Guests keep coming back to CHRISTOL SALON SPA in Clinton, Maryland for our professional hair color services. Every experience is a personalized treatment. Our team of skincare experts, licensed cosmetologists, and professionals provide rejuvenating treatments to help you relieve stress and unwind.

Testimonial I

"I went in to get my eyebrows waxed and a possible color/trim. Little did I know that I would walk out just absolutely in love with the color that I chose! These ladies know how to make a woman feel simply beautiful!! What was even better was that they knew about the military's regulations on color and helped choose one that would be within regulations and yet still fun and vibrant!! The cost was a little on the pricey side, but well worth it in my honest opinion. My hubby was totally surprised and simply loved my new color! I have found my new salon! 5/5 stars and recommending this salon to all the ladies in my clinic!"
- Jenni S., Joint Base Andrews, MD

Testimonial II

"After moving to the area about four years ago I had the toughest time finding someone to do my hair the way it was done back home. I received a few bad haircuts, some botched color jobs, and some awful styles. Then another stylist gave me Christol's information. After also Googling and finding them, I didn't think twice about scheduling an appointment!! I've been getting my hair done at both locations almost two years now. I love it! Christol does my hair and she's awesome! She may seem quiet but that's because she's about her business! She's personable, funny, and talented! You'll never catch Christol taking a call or texting. I've never even seen her stop to eat! Everyone there is professional and polite. Sure, there have been one off occasions where I've waited longer than I wanted to; but that's what happens when everyone wants to go to her. I was given a complimentary facial after waiting a little longer than normal. By the time my facial was done, she was ready to do my hair. I enjoy that the salon is clean, not overly loud like most salons. They are always open and offer a variety of services."
- Kendra B., McLean, VA

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